Why Fortress

The Fiduciary Advantage

There is a lot of talk in the press these days as well as proposed regulations about forcing Investment Advisors to act in a Fiduciary manner.     But what does that really mean?   In its simplest form, it just means


putting the client’s interests first


To us, it seems obvious that a firm like ours would have to do just that.

Unfortunately, the financial services industry has a well-deserved reputation for conflicts of interest – which color the recommendations and advice consumers receive. We solve that problem by not being compensated by anyone but our clients on a “pay as you go” basis. We are fiduciaries by intent and by contract.   We don’t sell products, we don’t have our own funds, and we don’t accept outside gifts, trips, bonuses, etc. for anything we do.

Note: If your financial advisor has a “securities offered through” line on the bottom of the business card, he has a financial incentive to not act in your best interests


Focusing on What Matters …  You

Here is what makes the difference


Managing Risk

Reducing Costs

Minimizing Taxes

Utilizing Appropriate Strategies

Defining and reaching your goals is not dependent upon magic investment products, stock picking genius, or clairvoyant powers.   What matters is getting you to your definition of financial success…… with the highest probability….and the least amount of risk.


Here is what makes the difference:

Planning:     Setting realistic goals given your goals, financial resources, and reasonable market expectations.

Managing Risk:   Risk takes many forms. Understanding and balancing risks is an important aspect of your successful plan. Being successful requires identifying, understanding and effectively managing both temporary and long term threats to your financial security. By carefully defining risk ahead of time, limiting your exposure to an pre determined risk “budget”, and then managing and guiding you through inevitable ups and downs of the markets, we help keep you on track with your goals.

Reducing Costs:     Keeping costs down is an important and effective way to boost investment returns. Cost reduction is a core component of our approach and part of everything we do. It is your money and we think you should keep it.

Minimizing Taxes: Taxation is persistent, pervasive and a significant threat to your long term financial security. Our approach and focus on minimizing taxes helps your portfolio grow and keep your tax bill down.

Utilizing Appropriate Strategies:   Finding the best stock pickers is an expensive, largely fruitless journey because picking winning funds based on past performance rarely works.   Understanding markets, the sources of return, and human behavior provides better solutions, and results. Our diversified investment strategies use Nobel Prize winning academic research to build disciplined and thoroughly researched Portfolios based on empirical evidence, and not speculation.